SmartBench Smart, Affordable, Large Format CNC Routing

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Large Format


Process 4-foot x 8-foot sheets

Now you too can work with industrial sized sheet material, whatever your environment. With full reach over its entire working area, don’t be afraid to think big.

Easy to Use


New to CNC?

Get started in no time with SmartBenchs intuitive touchscreen console and ground-breaking cutting apps that allow you to design and cut without having to leave your workshop.

Space Friendly


Don't lose real estate

Don't want to use a large format CNC router all the time? No problems, pack down your SmartBench in just 3 minutes, and store away when not in use.



Easy to Justify

Our goal is to make CNC accessible to everyone, not just large businesses with deep pockets. You won’t find another large format CNC machine that comes close to our price range.

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Which SmartBench is right for you?

Feature Standard PrecisionPro
Feature Standard Precision PrecisionPro Z-Head V2

Manual spindle motor speed control

YetiTool SC1 spindle motor

Digital Spindle Motor Speed control

Auto tool stop if spindle under too much load

Real-time spindle load display

Dual lead screw Z axis

Laser X/Y Datum Point

Finish part precision +/-0.5mm or better

Collet type



Maximum shank diameter



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