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Amana Tool 658060C Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Prestige™ 8" Dado Blade Set

Amana Tool

Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Prestige™ 8" Dado Blade Set

SKU: 658060C

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Amana Tool Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Prestige™ 8" Dado Blade Set

SKU: 658060C

(D) Diameter: 8" (200mm)
Teeth: 24
(d) Bore 5/8"
Tooth Grind: H-ATB
Hook Angle: -10°
ATB Angle: 25°
Kerf: 1/4" to 29/32"
# of Chippers 6 (4-Wing)
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Our Prestige™ Dado Set cuts perfectly smooth edges, flat-bottom cuts and grooves both along and across the grain that are free of splinters or rough edges. This dado set is part of the renowned “Prestige™” line of superior performance blades.

Like all of the blades in our Prestige™ lineup, this super-smooth cutting Prestige™ dado set features the latest in cutting tool technology including massive tool-steel plates and precision ground D-10 carbide teeth. The 8" diameter, 24-tooth outside plates are hollow ground for proper clearance and feature high ATB grind geometry with every sixth tooth flat ground for efficient chip removal. Each tooth body also features anti-kickback design to help prevent overfeeding.

Set accommodates today’s undersized plywoods.

Each of the six interior chippers features four teeth and the standard width capacity is 1/4" through 29/32". Adjustments can be easily made in 1/32" increments and even finer adjustments, as small as .002", can be made by using the supplied shim set. A 46-tooth dado set is also available for use with plywood and melamine.

Teeth refers to the number of teeth for each outside saw blade.

Includes moulded plastic case.

Please Note: Always use the outside blades. Never attempt to use the chippers without the outside blades.

Benefits of Electro-Blu™ Coating

  • Reduces resin accumulation and heat build-up
  • Tips stay sharper longer resulting in extended blade life
  • Applied by using an electrostatic bonding process

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