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Felder F400 45.03L Format4 Tempora F400 45.03L


Format4 Tempora Edgebander F400 45.03L

SKU: F400 45.03L

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Felder Format4 Tempora Edgebander F400 45.03L

SKU: F400 45.03L

Premium Edgebanding Machines

Simply convincing: completely revised, solid machining units for the highest demands in a new design, a solid, heavy-duty machine base-frame as well as precise dust extraction. The m-motion and x-motion Plus control ensures highest repeatability-setting accuracy and allows you to generate individual machining programs and to minimize setup time for fast processing and material change.

Features and Benefits:

  • Changeable gluepot
    The tool-free quick change system of the glue pot guarantees shortest cleaning and changeover times when changing glue or colours. The synchronized, fine adjustable glue roller ensures the right application amount of glue. The changeable glue pot is also ideal for the processing of PUR glue.
  • Edge feed for panel material with up to 45 mm thickness
    Depending on the application, continuous edging film from 0.4 mm to 3.0 mm can be glued to panel materials up to 45 mm in thickness.
  • Smartouch control unit with x-motion PLUS
    Smartouch control unit and network connection reduces the manual settings to a minimum and enables a quick, easy and intuitive selection and control of the aggregate as well as the complete monitoring of all machine functions from the screen.
  • Premilling unit ensures a perfect “finish”
    Two counter rotating, activation controlled and individually adjustable premilling units with diamond coated spiral cutters ensure first class edge processing before the material is glued to the edge. With the premilling unit you will achieve tear free edges when processing laminated material. After entering the exact dimensions, the premilling unit executes a perfect edge cut on your panels.
  • Gluepot - short warm-up time, quick operational readiness
    The Teflon coated gluepot for PUR or EVA glue has a 1.5 kg capacity and as such around 375 metres of edge material can be applied to a 19 mm panel. The short warm-up time of only 10 minutes guarantees quick operational readiness. As an option, the scraper cleaning unit can be integrated into system which speeds up and facilitates the cleaning when changing between glue types.
  • Pressure zone – Practically invisible glue-joint
    A teflon-coated aluminum roller at 90° and a rubber contact roller form the contact zone. Depending on the edge material, the contact pressure can be adjusted manually by inserting the edge material.. Adjustment is done manually using the m-motion positioning system.
  • End trimming unit with inclined traverse path
    The end trimming unit consists of two saw units that are powered by a high-frequency motor (12,000 rpm). Vertical movements ensure maximum precision and durability when trimming the edging material.
  • Linear end trimming unit
    The end trimming unit with 90° round guiding bar and a high frequency motor with 0.15kW and a speed of 12,000rpm. guarantees an excellent cut in both, the horizontal and vertical direction. The independent copy shoe settings enable the separate adjustment of the edge overhang at the rear and at the front of the panel. The effortless processing of special shaped panels is possible through the free edge cut selection.
  • Multi-functional trimming unit
    Innovative precision with quick setup

    The multi-functional flush, radius and thin-edge bevel trimming unit consists of two independent trimming units with high frequency motors (12,000 rpm). Linear guides guarantee the highest possible precision with little maintenance required. The easy adjustment and setup of the unit means that it is extremely quick to change between different edge thicknesses and profiles. Depending on the equipment option chosen, the multifunctional trimming unit can either be adjusted manually or pneumatically, controlled via the control panel.
  • Radius scraping unit
    The radius surface receives a light scraping, removing any remnants from the trimming process and ensuring a smooth “finish”. The fine adjustment is manual.
  • Buffing unit
    The unit is made up of two independent electric motors, which are equipped with cotton brushes. The task of the buffing unit is to clean and polish the top and bottom part of the edge. The buffing unit gives a super finish for ABS and PVC edging material. The machine can, on request, be equipped with spraying equipment to apply polish onto the workpiece.
  • Glue scraping unit
    For a perfect surface finish. The light scraping function of the surface scraper knives removes all glue residues from the glue bond on the work­piece surface. One more step towards the perfect and completely finished workpiece.
  • Spraying equipment for the perfect “finish”, leaving a workpiece requiring no further processing
    Low consumption guaranteed due to application controlled spray nozzles to apply separation solution for PUR glue, antistatic solution and lubricant for sensitive edging materials and cleaning agents and polish for clean workpieces and a perfect “finish”.
  • Infrared lamp for an improved edge adhesion when processing cold workpieces
    The operation controlled, high quality quartz infrared lamp warms the edge surface in front of the glue unit. This guarantees that the edging adheres to cold workpieces.
  • “Nesting” Package
    The “Nesting” Package optimise's the processing of workpieces with hinge borings or surfaces with acute angles.

Specifications are subject to change.

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