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Manpa Tools MP21-16-M Mini Crack Cutter (5/8"-11)

Manpa Tools

Mini Crack Cutter (5/8"-11)

SKU: MP21-16-M

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Manpa Tools Mini Crack Cutter (5/8"-11)

SKU: MP21-16-M

We had to get used to these names! This crack cutter does not literally translate into English, nor does it do what the name implies. It could be called a Mini Tunnel Tool for the fantastic work this accessory does.

Consisting of the primary workhorse, 4” x ½” (100mm x 12.2mm) long with 2 carbide cutters and the Special Adapter, this assembly is attached to the center shaft of your angle grinder. With this configuration, the full extension is 5” long and ¾” in diameter.

It can be extended a further 4¾” to a total of 9¾” with the Sanding Tool. Add the Grinder Holder for additional support, stability, and safety in really heavy applications and this becomes a beautiful tool.

It powerfully digs and bores ½” wide into the wood, rapidly creating tunnels, pockets, trenches, and small holes plus an infinite variety of cylindrical carving shapes. Watch the video and see its usefulness and performance.


  • Fits directly to the center shaft of your angle grinder
  • Extremely powerful and smooth carving of tunnels, pockets, trenches, and cylindrical shapes
  • Has 2 replaceable 6mm tungsten carbide cutting teeth
  • Can be extended from 5” to 9¾” with the MP21-12 Extension Shaft
  • Will expand your carving productivity and creativity with new sculptural designs
  • Can be used in a myriad of general carving applications


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