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Manpa Tools MP21-2-12 2" Circular Cutter 12mm

Manpa Tools

2" Circular Cutter 12mm

SKU: MP21-2-12



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Manpa Tools 2" Circular Cutter

SKU: MP21-2-12

When you first buy any 2” Blade Cutter, it automatically comes with a ¼” (6mm) wide, Circular (Round) blade. This offers more selections for the range of 2” circular (Round) cutters which has 3 different width cutters, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm. So depending on what width you want, each cutter is slightly different but will more than do the job.

This blade is the 15/32” (12mm) wide cutter only fits the 2” Belt Cutter Master or Basic models. With its 2” (50mm) diameter, 15/32” (12mm) width, and 3/8” (10mm) carving depth, this powerful cutter is the widest of the 2” cutters, is solidly built, looks good, and performs incredibly well!

It is used individually but is complemented in performance by the equally fantastic 2” diameter Square Cutter and Triangle Cutter. All three blade cutters achieve different results to really expand your infinite creativity!


  • Cuts smoothly in a forward or backward, pulling or pushing motion.
  • Create different V designs by quickly moving the grinder up and down, to expand your own creativity
  • Has 3 triangle, replaceable, tungsten carbide cutting heads
  • Excellent for texturing of wood turnings and wood carvings
  • Opens up a brand new direction in carving, sculpting, and turning creativity


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