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TSO Products 61-472 Pre-Configured Reversible Flip-Stop v2.0

TSO Products

Pre-Configured Reversible Flip-Stop v2.0

SKU: 61-472

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TSO Products Pre-Configured Reversible Flip-Stop v2.0

Right Hands SKU: 61-472

Left Hands SKU: 61-473

The TPG FlipStop v2.0 has always been field-reversible, but you can now order them pre-configured for right- or left-hand orientation.

When it comes to repeatable accuracy, a well-designed Flip-Stop might just be the most important single component in your jig, fixture, or fence—which is why we have obsessed over perfecting it for over a year. The result is our TPG Flip-Stop v2.0, embodying the quality and capability of the entire TPG System with an attention to detail you won't find in any other material stop on the market:


  • Exclusive Calibration Memory™ collar eliminates the need to re-calibrate the Flip-Stop when switching between Standard and Narrow Stock Rods
  • The fastest-to-calibrate on the market: watch the video on the right to see how easy it is
  • Parallax free cursor makes it easy to read T-track dimension and dial in your exact setting
  • Comfort Grip Star Knobs for quick lock and release, even with gloves on
  • Internal spring loading against TPG T-track means that even when the Flip-Stop knob is loosened, you won't accidentally move it along the T-track as you turn the Star Knob to lock in a setting—a common problem with inferior material stops
  • Reversible design so it can work on right or left-hand TPG T-tracks; can be reversed with just one tool: a 3mm hex driver or key


  • 1 - TPG FlipStop v2.0
  • 1 - Standard Calibration Rod
  • 1 - Calibration Memory Collar

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