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Oneida Air XGK05005 5HP Dust Gorilla Pro 55 Gallon Dust Collector

Oneida Air

5HP Dust Gorilla Pro 55 Gallon Dust Collector

SKU: XGK050055

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Oneida 5HP Dust Gorilla Pro 55 Gallon Dust Collector
With "Smart Boost" Technology

SKU: XGK050055

Choosing the best dust collector for your shop can be difficult, especially when you start combining mixed/undersized dust port and long runs of ducting or hoses. Oneida Air Systems' patented SMART Boost® technology offers the only solution that can adapt to nearly any shop layout!

Traditional dust collector fan motors operate at a fixed speed (RPM). When long ducting runs, smaller tool ports, and even closed gates limit the volume of air (CFM) the fan can move at its fixed speed, the motor ends up doing less work – and draws fewer amps. Our unique SMART Boost technology ensures the motor is always working at full capacity (with a constant amp draw) by increasing fan speed as needed to deliver maximum CFM and maximum suction at all times – up to double the CFM and suction of traditional, fixed RPM dust collectors. It can even adjust for differences in air density to optimize static pressure and CFM in high-altitude locations. Truly revolutionary!

Combining the award-winning features of our Super Dust Gorilla with the rugged construction of our Pro series, this new system will help you maximize your investment and ensure that your shop is running at peak-efficiency for years to come.


  • Patented Smart Boost® doubles airflow performance through smaller ports and long ducting runs. Ideal for CNC machines!
  • Industrial 5HP U.S. Made Fan Blower Motor
  • Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Control Keyfob
  • Single-Piece, Smooth-Wall, Molded Fan Housing
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Cyclone Separator
  • HEPA-Grade Filter Media
  • Stacking Sound Filter & Drop-in Silencer
  • Steel Angle Frame Stand
  • 55 Gallon Reinforced Steel Dust Bin
  • Dust Sentry™ Bin Fill Level Indicator
Motor: 5.0HP, 208-230V, 18-23A, 60Hz, 1-Phase
Recommended Breaker Size: 30A
Power Cord Length: 7'
Impeller Type: Single-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous
Impeller Size: 15" Diameter
Real CFM Rating: 1,395 Actual CFM at 1.9" WC
Free Fan CFM Rating: 3,250 CFM
Maximum Suction: 23" WC
Maximum Open Blast Gates: 3
Noise Level: 75-87 dBA at 10 ft
Filter Type: HEPA Grade ePTFE Media
Filtration Efficiency: E12 Minimum Efficiency Rating
MERV Rating: MERV 16 ±
Remote Control: Included
Waste Capacity: 55 Gallon (US)
Inlet Size: 7"
Height: 106"
Width: 48"
Depth: 30"
Height to Center of Inlet: 78.5"

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