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Bessey Tools KRE3512 K-Body Revo Parallel Bar Clamp

Bessey Tools

K-Body Revo Parallel Bar Clamp

SKU: KRE3512

Shipping Weight: 4.76 lb
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Bessey Tools® K-Body Revo Parallel Bar Clamp


The best parallel clamp in the world just got better! How? By listening to you and building in features that provide the solutions you asked for. The new K Body REVOlution (KRE) is designed to clamp at 90 degrees to the rail with very large clamping surfaces. The ergonomic two-part handle includes a steel socket that allows one to apply clamping force using a hex key. While this helpful feature was designed for ease of clamping, it does allow one to provide more clamping force and is particularly helpful for those with wrist strength issues. The operating jaw has undergone some evolutionary changes as well. Position it where you want and start clamping. The easy set-up allows one to position the operating jaw where you want and, it will stay put during set up. The new Bessey Tools® K Body REVOlution offers a load limit of 2200 lbs, an everyday clamping force of 1700 lbs, and sizes that range from 12 In. to 60 In. Bessey Tools®. Simply better.

  • Clamping Capacity up to 60"
  • Throat Depth | 3-3/4"
  • Clamping Force | 1700 lbs.
  • Designed to clamp at 90 degrees with very large clamping surfaces
  • Ergonomic composite handle with 6 mm steel socket (for hex key)
  • Operating jaw stays where you put it for easy set up
  • Converts to spreading with no tools required

Available Sizes:

SKU: Clamping
KRE3512 12" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 15-5/16"
KRE3518 18" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 21-1/2"
KRE3524 24" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 28-3/4"
KRE3531 31" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 36-1/2"
KRE3540 40" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 44-1/2"
KRE3550 50" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 52-1/2"
KRE3560 60" 3-3/4" 1700 lbs. 10-1/2" - 63-3/8"

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