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Bow Products FeatherPRO Featherboard

Bow Products

FeatherPRO Featherboard


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Bow Products FeatherPRO Featherboard


The Bow Products FeatherPRO Featherboard offers unprecedented Feed Control, safety improvements, and new benefits in a tool category that has lacked innovation for years. Featuring High-Density Foam feathers, the FeatherPRO improves infeed control, dramatically improves kickback mitigation, and better protects your tools and woods from damage.


  • Revolutionary Feed Control
    • Holds Wood Firm during Feed
    • FeatherPRO increases the amount of surface area on the wood.
  • Exceptionally Easy Smooth Glide under HIGH or LOW Tension
    • The resistance on the infeed is much less than with hardened plastic feathers
  • Non Marring
    • Will not mar even the softest of wood under high tension
  • Vibration Dampening
    • High-Density Foam Feathers absorb vibration
  • Replaceable Feathers
  • Interchangeable Feathers
    • You can switch out between our “Standard” Feather and our “Ultralight” Feather
  • 5 Times greater resistance to kickback force versus plastic featherboards
  • High-Density Foam feathers will not damage carbide tip blades and router bits if contacted
  • Foam feathers will not shatter if they make contact with a cutter

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