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Bow Products Portable Saw Featherboard

Bow Products

Portable Saw Featherboard


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Bow Products Portable Saw Featherboard


Featuring all the same benefits of our revolutionary EVA feathers, the Portable Saw Featherboard extends the Safety and Performance benefits of the “FeatherPRO” to the DIY and Contractor type saws. The featherboards smaller profile easily fits portable saw tables. Better yet, single knob actuation sets up fast so contractors can cut fast and SAFE. Safety is the hallmark of Bow EVA featherboards. EVA feathers combined with our hinge design absorb kickback force while feathers open as material moves backwards pinching it against the fence. EVA feathers deliver other important safety advantages as well. In the event of accidental contact with a cutter, EVA feathers are shatterproof, unlike plastic feathers which can become dangerous projectiles. Simply replace the EVA feathers and the featherboard lives another day. And EVA feathers will not harm cutters. As important as safety, EVA feathers deliver unmatched feed control and the cleanest cuts. EVA feathers hold material firm for a smooth controlled feed, even under firm tension. EVA feathers dampen vibration and are non-marring on even the softest of materials. EVA feathers are exceptionally durable, and the Bow green color means the featherboard is easy to find. Comes with a 5/8” and3/4” miter bar with onboard storage for the extra bar. Works on routers and fences too. Use the Featherboard the Pro’s prefer. Bow’s Portable Saw Featherboard is the ultimate in feed control and safety.


  • Single Knob Actuation
  • Fast Set-Up/Strong Hold
  • Firm Glide
  • Non-Marring
  • Reversible/Replaceable Feathers

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