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Cosmos Industrial 4.5mm Offset CNC Drag Knife

Cosmos Industrial

4.5mm Offset CNC Drag Knife

SKU: 3005-045

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Cosmos Industrial® 4.5mm Offset CNC Drag Knife

SKU: 3005-045

Cut thin materials with your CNC machine with this sturdy drag knife tool. Its unique one-piece body design makes it the strongest design available. The body spins on two ball bearings about the shaft. The blade point is offset from the shaft centerline, so it is "dragged" around to cut.

The drag knife is designed with an offset from the centerline. Like a train caboose, when the machine moves, the blade follows and is “dragged” along behind. This keeps the cutting edge of the blade pointed in the forward direction. The amount of offset dictates how tight you can corner. The smaller offset is better for smaller details, and the larger offset is going to be able to cut thicker. Without added arcs at corners, you do not want to cut a corner with radius less than the offset of the tool (no sharp acute corners). Generally, you’ll want to cut through material that is not thicker than your offset.


  • Highest quality build
  • Robust design: high strength AL body, large bearings
  • #19 or #24 heavy duty X-Acto (TM) blade.
  • Bearings rated for 310 pounds radial load
  • Drag offset: 4.5mm
  • Blade is doweled in position for easy setup and no slippage
  • Hardened steel shank: 1/4" diameter
  • Recommended maximum material thickness: 4.5mm
  • Minimum radius: 4.5mm
  • Length from collet: 71mm
  • Shank Length: 39mm

Includes: Drag Knife, 5 - blades, storage tube and instructions.

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