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Festool SysLite KAL II High-Intensity LED Work Light Set


SysLite KAL II High-Intensity LED Work Light Set

SKU: 500732


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Festool SysLite KAL II High-Intensity LED Work Lamp Set

SKU: 500732

Set includes the Magnetic Syslite Adapter for added versatility

The SysLite's robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when you need it most. Updated with higher-performing LEDS to emit 50% more light with the same power consumption. 20% longer runtimes with a higher capacity internal battery, improved color temperature (5,000 Kelvin), and integrated emergency lighting function. Can be used with external Festool batteries or plugged directly into a power source.

  • Portable and durable: Designed to go where your work takes you whether under a cabinet or into an attic. A multi-angle body casts light where you need it most, while the tripod port and swiveling hook
  • 170° Dispersion: Cast a broad and even light for the most natural lighting effect to examine a surface for imperfections, or illuminate a tight workspace without a harsh, blinding glare.
  • High-quality light: The SysLite delivers an even, balanced light source, casting a brilliant and consistent white light (5,000 Kelvin).
  • Emergency function: Be prepared for a light outage with the emergency lighting function. In this mode, the SysLite II will automatically turn on if your power supply fails.
  • 50% brighter: Equipped with 12 1.5 LED bulbs, the SysLite II has more than enough light to keep your workspace lit.
  • Better flexibility: Protect your light and hang where you need it with a flexible magnetic mounting base.
  • Longer battery life: Get more light with a single charge. The SysLite II will give you 110 minutes on high or 290 minutes on low.


Syslite II Set Includes:

Wall Charger
Car Charger
Carrying Bag
Magnetic Syslite Adapter



External Battery Compatibility Festool 12.0 - 18.0 V Lithium Ion and Nickel-based batteries
Dimensions 6" x 4" x 3" (150 x 100 x 80 mm)
Internal Battery 7.2 V / 2.9 Ah Lithium Ion
Light Duration (Internal Battery) High:110 minutes (1.8 hours)
Low: 290 minutes (4.8 hours)
Power (W) 1.5 watt LED (x12)
Weight (w/o magnetic adapter) 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)

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