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Hammer A3-41 Jointer/Planer


A3-41 Jointer/Planer

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Hammer A3-41 Jointer/Planer

SKU: A341

With Silent Power spiral cutterblock

Superb planing results are achieved with your Hammer due to the perfect integration of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components.

The most important features are... Solid cast iron working tables ensure surface and thickness planing accuracy: Ergonomically designed machine handling elements such as the planer table adjustment system, improve user comfort on a daily basis. The sturdy Hammer cutter-block assembly, including feed rollers, assure stability and long life.

The Silent Power spiral knife cutterblock offers low noise, lower power consumption, less tear-out and longer tooling life The planer fence guides your work-piece accurately over the cutterblock and is tiltable from 90ø-45ø. Convincing thicknessing dimensions: A thicknessing height of 8 7/8" (225mm) and width of 16" (404mm) provides flexibility for large and small workpieces.

Whether you use soft or hardwoods, for surface or thickness planing, your new Hammer will always produce outstanding planing results.


  • Price includes Silent Power Cutter Head
  • Quick conversion from planer to thicknesser. Dual, simultaneous lifting of planer tables.
  • Solid cast iron planer tables
  • The sturdy Hammer cutter-block assembly, with quick change, self-setting planer knife system.
  • The Silent Power spiral knife cutterblock offers low noise, lower power consumption, less tear-out and longer tooling life
  • For planing and beveling work the planer fence is tiltable from 90ø-45ø. The long planer fence profile allows accurate guiding of the workpiece.
  • With the optional table extension, you can greatly extend the planer table dimensions in order to process large and heavy workpieces without assistance.
  • The surface planer can remove up to 4 mm of stock.
  • The maximum thicknessing height of 8 7/8" (225mm) permits the processing of large and heavy workpieces. If desired, the optional digital handwheel can be used to adjust the height of the thicknessing table with an accuracy of 1/10 of a millimetre.
  • space saving solution with optimum ergonomics: Planer tables tilt away from the user operating area, this ensures working with your Hammer is as user-friendly as possible and also requires less workshop space.

Features and specifications are subject to change

Motor 1 x 230 V 4.0 HP (3.0 kW)
Maximum depth of cut 5/32" (4 mm)
Surface planing width 16" (410 mm)
Surface planer table length 70 3/4" (1800 mm)
Planer fence tilting 45 - 90ø
Length of surface planer fence 43 1/4" (1100 mm)
Thicknessing planing width in mm 16" (410 mm)
Thicknessing table length in mm 23 1/2" (597 mm)
Thicknessing height minimum / maximum 5/32" (4 mm) / 8 7/8" (225 mm)
Synchronized feeder drive 24 ft. per min. (7.3 m. per min)
Dust Inlet Ø in mm 120 mm
Weight 800 lbs. (362.9 kg)

Features and specifications are subject to change

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