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iVac MBG-06-NA Pro 6" Metal Blast Gate


Pro 6" Metal Blast Gate


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iVac Pro 6" Metal Blast Gate


Electrically driven 6" Metal Automatic Blast Gate. Installed between the dust exhaust of a power tool and the main dust collector ducting. Includes metal 6″ diameter blast gate and approved power supply.

The iVAC Pro family of automated dust collector blast gates lets you control vacuum flows precisely and automatically. All of our blast gates are electrically driven and programmable. There are three methods of controlling an iVAC Pro Blast Gate:

Fully Automatic: when the power tool is turned on, the iVAC Tool Interface (Pro Tool Plus Auto Sensor) sends a wireless signal instructing the iVAC Pro Switch to turn on the Dust Collector, and this same signal is used to instruct the blast gate to open. When the power tool turns off it instructs the blast gate to close.

iVAC Pro Remote: in this mode an iVAC Pro Remote is used to send the Open and Close commands to the pro blast gate.

Remotely from a wired cable: in this mode the operation of a toggle switch on a wired cable will instruct the blast gate to open or close.


  • Three methods of control – automatic, manual, and manual remote cable
  • Large collars for ease of attachment
  • Self Cleaning mechanism
  • Open/Closed indicator
  • Removable Slide
  • Motor overload protection
  • UL/CSA approved AC adaptor.
  • ‘One Blast Gate always Open’ feature.

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