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Bevel Edge Chisels

SKU: 810106

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Narex Bevel Edge Chisels

SKU: 8101XX

High quality chisels suitable for those preferring tradition and style in woodworking.


  • Forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel
  • Heat treated up to 59 HRc
  • Fully ground and sharpened
  • Ergonomic clear varnished wood handle with steel ferrule and hoop

Available Sizes:

SKU: Blade Width Blade Length Total Length Handle Size
810106 3mm 120mm 258mm 138mm x 34mm
810108 8mm 122mm 260mm 138mm x 34mm
810110 10mm 124mm 262mm 138mm x 34mm
810112 12mm 126mm 264mm 138mm x 34mm
810116 16mm 130mm 270mm 140mm x 34mm
810120 20mm 134mm 274mm 140mm x 34mm
810126 26mm 140mm 260mm 140mm x 34mm
810130 30mm 144mm 284mm 140mm x 34mm
810140 40mm 155mm 304mm 149mm x 36mm

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