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Narex 853250 Bevel Edge Chisels Set


Set of 6 Bevel Edge Chisels

SKU: 853250

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Narex Bevel Edge Chisel Set


Set of 6 chisels with improved cross-section of the blade that minimizes friction when cutting into wood. Improved grinding of the edges creates especially thin sides which are in particular needed in dovetailing.

Ergonomic handle from hard and hefty hornbeam wood is strong enough to withstand heavy mallet blows. Combination of the stained hornbeam handle, brass ferrule and improved grinding of the blade creates a unique design of the tool.


  • Hornbeam wood handles
  • Chrome-Manganese tool steel blade hardened to 59HRc
  • Fully ground and sharpened
  • Thin sides for sidewall clearance
  • Ergonomic with round cross-section
  • Brass ferrule
  • Wood storage box


SKU: Blade Width Blade Length Total Length Handle Size
811656 6mm 265mm 265mm 134mm x 31mm
811660 10mm 124mm 269mm 134mm x 31mm
811662 12mm 126mm 271mm 134mm x 31mm
811666 16mm 130mm 275mm 145mm x 37mm
811670 20mm 134mm 279mm 145mm x 37mm
811676 26mm 140mm 285mm 145mm x 37mm

8532-50, 8532 50,8116 56, 8116-56, 8116-60, 8116 60, 8116 62, 8116-62, 8116-66, 8116 66, 8116 70, 8116-70, 8116-76, 8116 76

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