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Narex 853600 Bevel Edge RICHTER Chisel Set


Set of 5 Bevel Edge RICHTER Chisels

SKU: 853600



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Narex Bevel Edge RICHTER Chisel Set

SKU: 853600

Set of 5 chisels named after our founder Mr. Vaclav Richter. These chisels represent the highest quality of our manufacturing processes combining unique materials, heat treatment and machining in order to produce the finest tool for woodworkers. Every chisel is marked by our trademark RICHTER EXTRA.

After initial hardening, cryogenic treatment cools the steel down to very low temperatures by using liquid nitrogen to as low as −190 °C. This completes transformation of austenite, which increases both the hardness and toughness of the steel.


  • Ash Handles
  • Chromium-vanadium steel blades cryogenically treated and tempered to at least 62 HRc
  • Fine ground and polished
  • Ultra-thin sides for reaching into tight spaces
  • Solid stainless steel ferrules
  • Leather washers
  • Wood storage box
SKU: Blade Width Blade Length Total Length Handle Size
815007 6mm 120 255 134mm x 31mm
815009 10mm 124mm 260mm 134mm x 31mm
815013 13mm 126mm 260mm 134mm x 31mm
815019 19mm 134mm 270mm 134mm x 31mm
815025 25mm 140mm 275mm 134mm x 31mm

8536 00, 8536-00, 8150-07, 8150-07, 8150 09, 8150-09, 8150 13, 8150-13, 8150 19, 8150-19,8150 25, 8150-25

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