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Olson APG73100 All Pro 100" x 3/4" PGT Bandsaw Blades


All Pro 100-3/4" PGT Bandsaw Blades

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Olson All Pro 100-3/4" PGT Bandsaw Blades


All Pro® PGT Premium Band Saw Blades

Precision Ground Tooth, hardened razor-sharp teeth for maximum penetration! Hook-style tooth provides excellent chip evacuation and uniform tooth set to cut faster with precision yielding a superior surface finish. Unique carbon-rich steel offers an optimum balance between strength and flexibility. Superior hardened and tempered material allows for stronger and faster cutting blade performance. Computer-controlled raker tooth setting for straighter and more precise cuts with less waste.

Hook Tooth for thick wood, plastic, plywood, and composition material with a more aggressive feed. Perfect for re-sawing.
Regular Tooth (standard) Usually fine, equally spaced teeth in narrow bands for wood, plastic

100-3/4 " Blades:

SKU: Blade Width TPI Tooth Style Blade Thickness
APG73100 1/4" 6 Hook .025
APG72600 1/2" 3 Hook .025
APG75401 3/4" 3 Hook .025

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