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Oneida Air DMT040404 Supercell Quick Clamp Gated Tee-Joint Kit

Oneida Air

Supercell Quick Clamp Gated Tee-Joint Kit

SKU: DMT040404

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Oneida Supercell Quick Clamp Gated Tee-Joint Kit

SKU: DMT040404

Built specifically for use with high-pressure systems such as the Supercell Dust Collector, this tee-joint ductwork fitting lets you easily split off from your main duct line to nearby tools. Features rolled ends on either end for connecting to other Quick-Clamp ductwork and an integrated blast gate for temporarily closing off airflow to the tool branch.


  • Integral blast-gate is quickly and easily held in place with magnetic locking brake.
  • Includes tapered, friction fit adapters for reducing to common 2.5" and 1.5" vacuum hoses.
  • Molded from high quality, static dissipative resin; Single piece eliminates air leaks from seams and welds.
  • Extended flat surface opposite of the branch for mounting to the wall (fasteners not included).

Adapter Hose Compatibility

The reducer adapters included in the Gated Tee-Joint Kit are compatible with a wide array of hoses labeled 1.5" to 2.5" in diameter. Please note that vacuum manufacturers do not follow a common standard for size naming conventions so make sure to measure all connections prior to ordering.

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