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Customizable MINI Systainer
¼”X ¾” Up-Spiral Ball Nose Router Bit
⅛ ” X ¼ ” Up-Spiral O-Flute Router Bit
One year of Shaper Studio
Two training classes
2” Double-Sided tape
Two Premium Projects Plans

* Offer Valid 06/12/2024 - 06/26/2024

Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router (GEN 2.0)


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Shaper Tools Origin Handheld CNC Router (GEN 2.0)


The Next Generation Origin is Here.

  • Greater Visibility, Greater Control: Get to work with a 25% larger screen at 2.4X the resolution compared to Origin Gen1.
  • Aluminum Unibody: Cast and machined construction
  • Gen2 Vision System: Improved scanning performance
  • Updated Systainer: Origin ships with to the latest Systainer3 design

Shaper Origin is the world’s first handheld CNC machine. Designed with woodworking professionals in mind, Origin brings CNC-level precision to a hand tool, for an ideal blend of human and machine.

Origin combines precision and repeatability with unprecedented flexibility and simplifies complex activities and workflows in woodshops and fabrication facilities across the country.

Origin simplifies precision cutting—think of it as auto-correct for your hands!

The magic of Origin is that it is designed to accommodate itself to your workflow—however you work. Use it to dash off a prototype in the shop, making adjustments on the fly. Bring it to a job site to work on an installation when there is no margin for error. Design an entire project from front to back using the intuitive on-tool CAD.

Shaper is building the future of power tools. We make Origin, the world’s first handheld CNC machine. Origin combines precision with repeatability to make hinge and hardware installation simple. Work quickly and confidently in the shop or onsite. Designed with woodworkers in mind, Origin is intuitive and remarkably easy to learn.


Shaper Origin with Shaper SM-1 Spindle
Tanos Systainer SYS5
Two rolls of ShaperTape (45.7m each)
Tool change accessories
USB flash drive
1/4 inch (6.35mm) up-cut spiral cutter
1/8 inch (3.175mm) up-cut spiral cutter
60° engraving cutter
Universal dust collection adapter

30 Day Risk-Free Trial
You’ll have thirty days to decide if Origin is right for you. Return the tool in its original packaging for a complete refund—just pay return shipping!

Warranty: 1-Year with email technical support
2-Year extended warranty with Shaper Pro option

How Origin Works

Location Tracking + Active Motion Control = Precision Freehand Cutting

Origin locates itself in a workspace and makes continuous real-time adjustments while the user is cutting. The result is precision — wherever you need it.

Touch Screen

Use it to place designs in your workspace and set cut specs on the fly. Origin automatically calculates toolpaths for you — no additional programming required.

Onboard Computer

Just keep Origin close to the path shown on the screen. The onboard computer moves the spindle 100 times per second, keeping the bit right on the toolpath.


Proprietary technology for position tracking to 1/1000". It removes easily, with no residue, and cuts clean. Workstation ships with a durable, pre-applied ShaperTape surface, integrating with Origin’s computer vision system.

Proven Spindle Design

Shaper SM1 variable speed, load-compensating spindle designed and manufactured to Shaper specifications by Festool

Keep Cuts Clean

Dust collection port and included adapter hose compatible with most portable dust collectors

Gets Better With Time

Easy file transfer and continuous software performance updates available via WiFi connectivity



Complex Cuts Anywhere

From a custom flooring installer’s expansive musical staff inlay to a luthier’s delicate fretboard, Origin is able to cut accurately at an unmatched range of scales.

Digital Files

Work directly from digital designs


Cut accurate inlays at the size of your choosing


Incrementally adjust offsets to an ideal fit



Precise Pocketing for Hardware

Use Origin as an all-in-one library for your hardware. With Origin’s precise registration of multiple-depth pockets and hole patterns, once-challenging projects are simplified.

Cloud Connectivity

WiFi-accessible hardware library

Pocket Templates

A single file contains all your cut geometry

On-Screen Depth Input

Move easily between multiple cut depths



Exact Fitment No Templates Required

Create your own fixtures. Cut perfectly mating mortise and tenons, regardless of the size, shape, or location of your stock.

Precise Alignment

Align and place hardware pockets in exact reference to stock dimensions

Flexible Workholding

Work “on end” of joinery elements

Adaptable On Tool

Use a single design for both mortise and tenon

    • Input Power

120VAC, 60Hz. 7A

    • Spindle Motor

720W brushed AC motor
10,000 - 26,000 RPM with load-compensating speed control
soft-start, over-temperature, and over-load safety cut-offs

    • Collet


    • Depth Control

43mm (1.7”) of total Z-axis travel
Digitally adjustable depth-of-cut
Automated touch-off sensor

    • Dust Extraction Port

34mm inner diameter by 39mm outer diameter port dimensions
Fits most standard 27mm (35mm OD) and 36mm suction hoses (e.g. Festool)
Includes a 6.5’ (2m) adaptor hose with a 2 ¼” (5.7cm) OD nozzle

    • Connectivity

Wi-Fi enabled for transfer of design files via ShaperHub, and for receiving software updates
USB port allows easy offline transfer of design files

    • Digital Cut Files

Works with standard vector files (.SVG)
Includes on-tool design capabilities

    • Touch Screen

Capacitive multi-touch full-color LCD

    • Dimensions

Origin: 35cm (handle-to-handle) x 19.7cm x 29.9cm
Systainer: 39.6cm x 29.6cm x 42cm (SYS 5 T-LOC Systainer)

    • Weight

Origin: 6.6kg
Packaged (with accessories) in Systainer: 10.7kg

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