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TSO Products  MTR-18 Precision System Triangle Set

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MTR-18 Precision System Triangle Set

SKU: 61-461

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TSO Products MTR-18 Precision System Triangle Set

SKU: 61-461

The World's Most Versatile 18" (457mm) Precision Woodworking Triangle now includes the MTR-18 Master Accessory Kit and a custom Kaizen Foam Systainer insert.

A first-of-its-kind tool, the MTR-18 combines the accuracy of a CNC-machined precision triangle with a range of included accessories enabling countless linear and angle measurement, squaring, and clamping/fixturing applications. Designed to take advantage of popular 20mm hole patterned worktops, the MTR-18 can be secured through the worktop with the included DoubleGroove Bench Dogs and M8 SpeedKnobs. Dial-in a precise angle with the MTR-18's large protractor scale with parallax-free pointer—and then lock it in place. With a long edge of more than 635mm (25") and body thickness of over 6mm (1/4”), the MTR-18 can even act as a removable fence for the Festool MFT/3 or any 20x96mm patterned work surface. When used in conjunction with an MFT/3 style 20mm worktop, the MTR-18 sets the standard for accuracy and speed of set-up.


  • Supremely Accurate: Machined on high-precision CNC machining centers and made from dimensionally stable precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed square to within .001" over its 18" length (as verified using automated CMM).
  • Removable Foot: Enables freestanding use or quick angle measurement off the edge of your table or workpiece. Includes hex driver and stainless socket screws which can be conveniently stowed in tapped holes along the foot when not in use. With foot, the MTR-18 functions like a super-sized speed square to guide any circular saw on the job site.
  • Festool Compatible: Arc slot is 20mm wide, perfectly positioned to align with the holes on your Festool MFT/3 table, and accept included DoubleGroove™ Large Dogs—providing an accurate, repeatable, and adjustable means of rapidly aligning workpieces or ensuring the squareness of your Festool fence, guide rail, and grid pattern.
  • Repeatable Accuracy: Cardinal angles of 0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees can be quickly set with included indexing pointer and brass locking knob to create regular-shaped polygons.
  • Edge Locator Pins: The shorter pair of M6 index pins can be attached to one side of the triangle's face, acting as a foot while leaving the opposite face unobstructed for layout work.
  • Connecting Pins: Accurately square the Festool MFT/3 guide rail to the fence, even when the rail is elevated. Can also be used to connect the triangle to a guide rail using UJK Dog Rail Clips (not included). See image depiction.
  • Dual Dimensioned: Easy to read. Both Imperial or Metric measurements included (one on each side).
  • Clamping Squares: Transform the MTR-18 into a large clamping square. Secure with clamps (not included) to square cabinet case during assembly/glue-up.
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured in low volume and stocked in Minnesota.
  • NEW! Custom Systainer Kaizen Foam Insert: Keep all of your MTR-18 accessories in one place with the included custom Kaizen Foam insert, fitting T-LOC, and Systainer3 enclosures. Systainer is not included, but can be purchased here Systainer3 M 112


  • Custom Kaizen Foam Systainer Insert for MTR-18 Accessories
  • MTR-18 Precision Triangle Body
  • MTR-18 Removable Foot
  • M6 Short Pins for Edge Indexing (2)
  • M6 Long Pins for Squaring/Connecting (2)
  • Pointer with Parallax-Free Viewport
  • Brass Locking Pin, Ergo Knob & T-Bolt
  • DoubleGroove Large Dogs - Standard Fit (2)
  • DoubleGroove Large Dogs - Close Fit (2)
  • M8 SpeedKnobs (2)
  • Clamping Angles (2)
  • M4 Socket Head Cap Screws (12)
  • M6 Socket Head Cap Screws (6)
  • 3mm Hex Driver
  • 5mm Hex Driver
  • Storage Tin for Above Small Parts

6 Ways to use the MTR-18 (How many more uses will you find for it?)

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Setting Any Angle on a Large Workpiece
With a long and extremely accurate edge, the MTR-18 can be used to cut any angle in any size workpiece; the only limitation being your length of guide rail or cutting surface! Here, the MTR-18 is setting the angle and acting as the fence for a large custom closet cabinet casing before being cut with a track saw.

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Connecting Triangle to Guide Rail—No 20mm Worktop Needed
The MTR-18 can be directly attached to your guide rail by way of UJK Dog Rail Clips. With the included bench dogs projecting beneath the indexing pointer, you can now reference off the front edge of your workpiece to cut at any angle, without requiring an MFT/3 or similar 20mm patterned worktop.

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Marking Perfect 90s or 45s with the Removeable Foot or Edge Locator Pins
The MTR-18 excels at standard triangle duty, such as marking perfect angle or perpendicular lines on your workpiece. Use the removable foot for this task, or attach the included Edge Locator Pins which form a line on the face of the triangle. The longer Edge Locator Pins can also help you align the triangle against curved edges of your workpiece.

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Squaring Cabinet Casing for Assembly or Glue-Up
Install the included clamping angles on the MTR-18 and use two clamps (not included) to square cabinet casings for dry fitting or glue-up.

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Square MFT/3 Guide Rail to Fence
The single most important angle to calibrate in a Festool MFT/3, ensuring the guide rail sits at a perfect 90 degrees to the back fence, takes mere seconds with the MTR-18. And with the included pins, you can even check for squareness while the guide rail is in its elevated position.

Squaring Guide Rail to 20mm Hole Pattern
With the included DoubleGroove bench dogs, it's easy to establish squareness between your 20mm worktop and guide rail.

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