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TSO Products 61-487 20mm Chamfer Dogs

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20mm Chamfer Dogs

SKU: 61-487

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TSO Products 20mm Chamfer Dogs

SKU: 61-487 (Standard Fit Small)
SKU: 61-488 (Close Fit Small)
SKU: 61-489 (Close Fit Stubby)
SKU: 61-490 (Close Fit Tall)

Chamfer Dogs

A New, Innovative Take On The Familiar 20mm Bench Dog

Bench dogs are a great, economical way to position workpieces on your 20mm hole patterned worktop for accurate and repeatable results. While traditional bench dogs rely on an enlarged collar resting above the work surface and are suitable for a wide variety of applications, our new Chamfer Dogs have a few new tricks up their sleeve:

Thanks to their precision machined chamfer detail, these dogs self-square and self-center within their holes. Even if the dog hole is slightly oversized or worn through extended use, Chamfer Dogs will rest in the same center position, every time. This makes Chamfer Dogs the best choice when maximum layout accuracy is required.

With no above-the-worktop collar, Chamfer Dogs present a perfectly uniform vertical surface perpendicular to your worktop. This makes them ideal for positioning workpieces with rounded edge profiles, or when you need to align stacks of sheet goods for a single cut.

Without a large diameter collar, Chamfer Dogs are more compact and easier to store, yet offer the same capability.

Like our line of traditional dogs, Chamfer Dogs are available in "Close Fit" sizes. Most 20mm dogs on the market feature a 19.90mm body, which fits well in the Festool® MFT/3 but can result in needless play when used with a worktop made by way of the Parf Guide System or precision CNC router. Instead, our "Close Fit" dogs feature a 19.99mm body providing a near zero clearance fit when inserted into a 20mm bench dog hole. While a snug fit is always going to yield the best results, there are situations where these dogs might be too tight depending on your work surface’s manufacturing variability and other factors such as shop humidity. For this reason, we also offer the small version of our Chamfer Dog in "Standard Fit.

Chamfer Dogs are available in four sizes, distinguished by their height above the work surface:

  • Small Dogs: Suitable for a majority of bench dog positioning applications, projecting 10mm (0.39 in) above the worktop.
  • Stubby Dogs: Our medium-sized dog is coined "stubby" because it's just short enough to fit underneath a fully-plunged Festool® TS55 track saw, where the motor housing would otherwise interfere with taller dogs. If you're planning to use dogs in conjunction with UJK Dog Rail Clips to attach a guide rail to your 20mm worktop, this is the best option so long as you're cutting materials 25mm (1 in) or less in thickness.
  • Tall Dogs: Standing 80mm (3.15 in) proud of the worktop, these dogs are suitable for precisely locating stacks of sheet goods where a large uniform vertical surface is needed. When used in conjunction with UJK Dog Rail Clips to attach a guide rail to your 20mm worktop, Tall Dogs also afford the maximum flexibility in material thickness you can cut. They're the best option if you’re frequently cutting materials 25mm (1 in) or larger in thickness.

Please Note: Chamfer Dogs require chamfered 20mm dog holes in your work surface that can be easily cut with any quality 45° chamfer router bit with pilot bearing.

Optional Accessories

M8 SpeedKnobs™ - All Chamfer Dogs except our "Standard Fit" version include an M8x1.25 threaded hole to accept clamping knobs like our M8 SpeedKnobs—far and away the fastest and easiest-to-secure knob we’ve ever tested.

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