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TSO Products 61-492 MTR-X Multifunction Precision Triangle Set

TSO Products

MTR-X Multifunction Precision Triangle Set

SKU: 61-492

TSO Products MTR-X Multifunction Precision Triangle Set

SKU: 61-492

The Most Capable Woodworking Triangle Sized For A Systainer®

Attached to your worktop, connected to your guide rail, around the shop, or on the jobsite—the MTR-X is the ultimate compact woodworking triangle. Embodying all of the features of our popular MTR-18 but in a more compact form factor, the MTR-X includes a full array of problem-solving accessories housed in a protective CNC-cut Kaizen foam Systainer insert.

MTR-X: Attached To 20mm Worktop

With a unique design featuring five 20mm bored holes and a 20mm swept arc, the MTR-X can be directly attached to any 20x96mm worktop by way of two included TSO Triangle Dogs. Place the Triangle Dogs in your worktop and place the triangle over the dogs to establish a quick 45° or 90° reference edge.

Need to dial in a custom angle? That's where the protractor assembly comes in handy. When assembled as shown in the animation to the right, the MTR-X is transformed into a protractor for fine angle setting or—when inserted back into a 20mm worktop—a variable angle fence for cutting workpieces with a track saw.

MTR-X: Attached To Guide Rail

The included connector makes it easy to connect the MTR-X directly to your guide rail, allowing you to precisely cut any angle between 0° and 90°. This specially designed connector's low profile means it won't interfere with your track saw during deep plunge cuts, yet it provides rock-solid, rigid attachment to your guide rail. Compatible with Festool, Makita, Kreg ACS and POWERTEC guide rails.

All TSO precision triangles are precision CNC machined from cast aluminum tooling plate for maximum dimensional stability and verified square with automated CMM to .001" along their full length. Each triangle is then anodized for a more durable and non-marring finish. Finally, angle graduations are laser engraved on both sides, making the scale easy to read even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.


  • Maximum Capability: Attach it directly to your worktop for use as a protractor or variable angle fence, attach it directly to your guide rail for angled cuts, attach it directly to your casework as a clamping angle, or use it like you would any compact precision triangle around the shop or on the jobsite.
  • Supremely Accurate: Machined on high-precision CNC machining centers and made from dimensionally stable precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed square to within .001" over its entire length.
  • Festool Compatible: Triangle features five 20mm bored holes and a 20mm swept arc for attaching to the Festool MFT/3 or any other 20x96mm worktop.
  • Edge Index Pins: Included M6 index pins attach to the face of the triangle to establish a reference shoulder. The two longer pins are perfect for squaring elevated, hinged guide rails like those on the Festool MFT/3.
  • Clamping Square: Transform the MTR-X into a large clamping square with included aluminum angles. Secure with clamps (not included) to square cabinet casework during assembly or glue-up.
  • Protective Foam Systainer Insert: Keep all of your MTR-X accessories in one place with the included custom Kaizen foam insert, fitting T-LOC and Systainer3 enclosures. Add our very own Systainer3 M 112 enclosure for the perfect fit.


  • Triangle
  • Pointer with Parallax-Free Viewport
  • TSO Chamfer Dog, Close Fit x 2
  • Guide Rail Connector
  • M8 Knob Assemblies x 2
  • M6 Custom Screws x 2
  • M6 Short Index Pins x 2
  • M6 Long Index Pins x 2
  • 6" (152mm) Clamping Angles x 2
  • Foam Systainer Insert
  • Systainer Card
  • 3mm Hex Driver
  • Small Parts Tin

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